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Creating Space

I am a speed reader and have been since I was in the 5th grade when my best friend challenged me to a reading contest. Whoever read the most books that summer, won. I am pretty sure the only prize was pride and to this day I actually have no idea who won. Maybe that is a sign that I blocked out the loss from my memory to avoid a pre-pubescent shame spiral.

Why is this important, you may ask? Well, speed reading through books is part of my life these days. While I do binge on great Netflix shows like the rest of our modern world, lately my true obsession is powering through a book while ignoring all of my other obligations. The problem with this is similar to the problem with binge watching a television show. I miss the details. Character development, metaphors, great quotes, how I relate personally all come and go too quickly to leave a lasting impression. My partner (who is not a reader) recently finished a book for the first time in awhile. While reading I noticed he would pause and laugh, share specific lines of the book, and overall seemed to be absorbing the book on a deeper level.

I want that.

In the past when this urge to slow my reading down occurs, I have created or joined a book club that inevitably does not meet my expectations. The meetings get less regular with busy lives, the book choices stray from my preferences, or the group loves talking so much that we barely even discuss the book. In some sense, these things are great as they allow for a deeper social connection. That said, I am ready to try and slow myself down.

Now that I have this business and the ability to create a blog, I have decided (somewhat impulsively) that now is the time for me to explore my thoughts on one category of book I never seem to get enough of- self help and personal growth. My intention will be to share what I am reading and what I think of what I am reading. Maybe every now and then ponder the other aspects of my work- food, anti-diet culture, recovery, self-love.

Really, the goal is to give myself some space to slow down with intention.

If anyone reads this, enjoy!


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