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Professional Referrals

The below list is a collection of other providers who share my philosophy of treatment and may be able to help you as well. 


Heather Lowrey;

Lisa Taylor;

Katie Wilson;

Amy Hammett;

Jodi Palmer;

Jenny Hermanson;

Jessica Cowan;

Andrew Fleming;

Colin McFadden;

Catharine Cox;

Liz Sullivan;

Andrea Nguyen;

Greenlake Wellness Group;

Sonya Couch;

Leslie Weisgram;

Have Heart Wellness

Rooted Heart Healthcare


Mindful Nutrition Seattle

Rooted Nutrition Counseling

Hope Nutrition Therapy

Judy Simon;

Madison Rivas;

Creating Peace With Food

Ideal Feast

Client Centered Nutrition

Sunrise Nutrition

Sydney Carroll;

Dandelion Nutrition


Psychiatrists and ARNPs:

Morgan Negaard;

Opal Food + Body Wisdom

Local Treatment Centers:

The Emily Program

Opal Food + Body Wisdom

Center for Discovery

Eating Recovery Center

Evidenced Based Treatment Center

Pathlight Mood & Behavioral Health

Thira Health

Doctors (MD and ND):

Naturopathic Family Medicine

Seattle Integrative Medicine

Greenlake Primary Care

Ballard Pediatrics

One Connection Healthcare

Yoga, Pilates, & Physical Therapy:

Kim Trimmer;

Julia Hollenberg;

Amanda Mitchell;

Abby Gordon; Kavod PLLC


Organize your weekly meals with this easy template.

Blank Menu Template

Nutrition Basics

An overview of nutrition basics; a great starting point for learning.

Food Trends and Buzz words

A quick guide to  common nutrition trends, identifying facts vs myths.

Hunger & Fullness Scale

Fine tune your awareness of physical hunger and fullness sensations.

Media Resources

A collection of books, apps, Instagram accounts, and Youtube accounts that I love and recommend.


Your Child's Weight; Ellyn Satter

Secrets to Feeding a Healthy Family; Ellyn Satter

Child of Mine; Ellyn Satter

Landwhale; Jess Baker

Hunger; Roxanne Gay

Heavy; Kiese Laymon

Embody; Connie Sobczak

Health at Every Size; Linda Bacon

Intuitive Eating; Evelyn Tribole 

Anti-Diet; Christy Harrison

Let's Pretend This Never Happened; Jenny Lawson

The Body Is Not An Apology; Sonya Renee Taylor

Fearing the Black Body; Sabrina Strings

Furiously Happy; Jenny Lawson

Comfortable with Uncertainty; Pema Chodron

When Things Fall Apart; Pema Chodron

The Body Keeps The Score; Bessel Van der Kolk

The Gifts of Imperfection; Brene Brown

The Language of Letting Go; Melody Beattie

Facing Codependence; Pia Mellody

Facing Love Addiction; Pia Mellody

Life Without ED; Jennie Schafer

Eight Keys to Recovery; Carolyn Costin

Your Dieting Daughter; Carolyn Costin

Eating in the Light of the Moon; Anita Johnston

Good Inside; Dr. Becky Kennedy

Positive Discipline; Jane Nelson

How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen; Faber & King

The Ins and Outs of Poop; Thomas Duhamel


Food Psych

Love, Food

Body Kindness

Good Inside

You're Wrong About- The Obesity Epidemic

Maintenance Phase

Ask Lisa: The Psychology of Parenting

Instagram Handles:



Recovery Record

Rise Up and Recover


Insight Timer

Head Space


Mood Meter


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