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Professional Referrals

The below list is a collection of other providers who share my philosophy of treatment and may be able to help you as well. 


Heather Lowrey;

Lisa Taylor;

Katie Wilson;

Amy Hammett;

Jodi Palmer;

Jenny Hermanson;

Kerry Kirsch;

Jennifer Kessler;

Jennifer Pelton;

Jessica Cowan;

Andrew Fleming;

Lisa Geraud;

Andrew Zarate;

Colin McFadden;

Catharine Cox;

Liz Sullivan;

Andrea Nguyen;

Greenlake Wellness Group;

Sonya Couch;

Anna Cannata;

Leslie Weisgram;

Have Heart Wellness

Rooted Heart Healthcare


Mindful Nutrition Seattle

Rooted Nutrition Counseling

Hope Nutrition Therapy

Emma Stone; Black Sheep Nutrition

Judy Simon;

Madison Rivas;

Creating Peace With Food

Ideal Feast

Client Centered Nutrition

Andrew Zarate;

Julia Hollenberg;

Anna Cannata;

Sunrise Nutrition

Sydney Carroll;

Dandelion Nutrition

Tracey Kmiecik

Brian Jones


Psychiatrists and ARNPs:

Jennifer Shannon;

Morgan Negaard;

Opal Food + Body Wisdom

Local Treatment Centers:

The Emily Program

Opal Food + Body Wisdom

Center for Discovery

Eating Recovery Center

Evidenced Based Treatment Center

Pathlight Mood & Behavioral Health

Thira Health

Doctors (MD and ND):

Naturopathic Family Medicine

Seattle Integrative Medicine

Greenlake Primary Care

Ballard Pediatrics

One Connection Healthcare

Yoga, Pilates, & Physical Therapy:

Kim Trimmer;

Julia Hollenberg;

Amanda Mitchell;

Abby Gordon- Kavod PLLC


Organize your weekly meals with this easy template.

Blank Menu Template

Nutrition Basics

An overview of nutrition basics; a great starting point for learning.

Food Trends and Buzz words

A quick guide to  common nutrition trends, identifying facts vs myths.

Hunger & Fullness Scale

Fine tune your awareness of physical hunger and fullness sensations.

Media Resources

A collection of books, apps, Instagram accounts, and Youtube accounts that I love and recommend.


Landwhale; Jess Baker

Hunger; Roxanne Gay

Heavy; Kiese Laymon

Embody; Connie Sobczak

Health at Every Size; Linda Bacon

Intuitive Eating; Evelyn Tribole 

Anti-Diet; Christy Harrison

Let's Pretend This Never Happened; Jenny Lawson

Furiously Happy; Jenny Lawson

Comfortable with Uncertainty; Pema Chodron

When Things Fall Apart; Pema Chodron

The Body Keeps The Score; Bessel Van der Kolk

The Gifts of Imperfection; Brene Brown

Rising Strong; Brene Brown

Daring Greatly; Brene Brown

The Language of Letting Go; Melody Beattie

Facing Codependence; Pia Mellody

Facing Love Addiction; Pia Mellody

Life Without ED; Jennie Schafer

Eight Keys to Recovery; Carolyn Costin

Your Dieting Daughter; Carolyn Costin

Eating in the Light of the Moon; Anita Johnston

Your Child's Weight; Ellyn Satter

Secrets to Feeding a Healthy Family; Ellyn Satter

Child of Mine; Ellyn Satter

Baby Lead Waning; Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett

Positive Discipline; Jane Nelson


Food Psych

Love, Food

Eating Disorder Recovery

The Appetite

Body Kindness

You're Wrong About- The Obesity Epidemic

Maintenance Phase

iWeigh with Jameela Jamil

Ask Lisa

Instagram Handles:



















iWeigh Community playlist

i.e./b.k. playlist

Dove Real Beauty campaign

TED Talks

       Brene Brown

       Self Love, Be Intentional

       Ending the Pursuit of Perfection

       Plus Size? More Like My Size

       Trust Your Hunger and Make Peace with Food

       Body Trust is a Birthright


Recovery Record

Rise Up and Recover


Insight Timer

Head Space


Mood Meter


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